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How To Transfer A Photo To Canvas

This is a series of helpful hints I want to share with you that I’ve learned along the way in my art journey.  For more How To’s click here. If there's one thing I love, it's to learn how to do something myself that I usually pay a bunch of money for. Recently I bought a canvas that a company will print a picture on for you.  And it got me thinking: what if could create a picture printed canvas on my own?  With a little research, I found it's not only doable, but it's easy and cheaper to do it myself.  Woohoo! [...]

How I Incorporate Creativity Into Everyday Life

I feel like I'm starting to make a comeback. When I had my sweet boy Marty a little over a year ago, my creative projects came to a screeching halt--my blog went unwritten, canvases were dry and emails went unanswered. I went into hibernation because I was alllll baby alllll the time, for a long time (being a first time mom,and all). Although I was frustrated at some points because I just wanted to get back to creating stuff, I knew that I  needed that time to focus on other things.  And in a way it was a gift: coming [...]

My Word Of The Year: Self-Care

This past year was wild.  It was amazingly beautiful and hard and exhausting and heart bursting and it showed me what it was like to truly care for someone. My baby boy Marty was only a month old when the year began, and oh boy was it an adventure! I didn't even make it to creating a word of the year last year because I was so in the weeds. So lost. I was nursing, not sleeping and wondering what I got myself into with a newborn.  After 42 years of doing what I wanted, I was now at the beck [...]

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